Workshop: Mindfulness-Based Intimacy - with myself and others

Cultivating presence, empathy and desire through meditation and mindful exercises

Saturday, 16.12.23 - 10:00 until 16:00 (incl. a lunch break)

at Yogastudio Ute Stephan

hosted by: Noémie Gmür and Franziska Köster

FLINTA* only


How can mindfulness be a way to explore our intimate relationships in a new light?

We are living in a dynamic and challenging world. Our lives and roles are demanding and complex. For many, multitasking is an issue faced in daily life. How can we then expect our mind, heart and body to be fully in the present moment during our intimate encounters, interactions and eventually sex? Maybe some people are managing to put all the items from their to-do-lists in the background but, most likely, this is not the case for everyone. For those who are struggling, mindfulness practice can help to truly show up and enjoy intimacy with themselves or someone else.


What is intimacy?

Upon hearing the word, you probably immediatley jumped into thinking about physical intimacy? However, this term encompasses other parts of our relationships to others, but also to ourselves: emotional-, intellectual-, spiritual-, creative-, recreational intimacy...

Thanks to a mindfulness approach, this workshop will help you to discover these different kinds of intimacy and (re)connecting to our body and to the present moment can help you to grow healthier relationships with others, but also with ourselves.


Mindfulness is a mental state achieved by focusing one´s awareness on the present moment, while calmly acknowledging and accepting one´s feelings, thoughts, and bodily sensations. Used as a therapeutic technique, mindfulness is a way to bring curiousity and openess to our lives as well to our intimate relationships, which we define as being interpersonal and involving (atleast) physical or emotional intimacy.


Noémie and Franziska will introduce, explain and explore with you different ways and methods of being more focused in the  moment. We invite you to reconnect to yourself and to the other to explore more fulfilling intimacy in your life.

You will be introduced and guided through different meditations, such as breathing meditations, Body Scan, contemplations and playful exercises, which can be practices alone or/and with another person.

We will give you some theoretical input on your way but the focus will be on the practical experiences which can be used inside and outside the bedroom.

The workshop might (or might not) involve consensual physical touch between participants, but does not include undressing or sex!

It is not necessary to have experince in meditation to be part of the workshop.

Please bring a snack and wear comfortable clothes. We will provide some tea for you.


This workshop is aimed at FLINTA* people, single or in a relationship, of all sexual orientations, in monogamous or non-monogamous relationshsips. The only conditions is to be interested, curious and open for discovery.

You are welcome to come alone or with somebody.

If you have had traumatic experiences or have identified things that can trigger you, feel free to share these with us, so we can provide you with a framework in which you feel safe.

If you have any questions, please feel free to contact us via email by writing to or


Noémie is a queer sex and relationship certified counsellor who provides therapy for individuals, couples and multiple-partner relationships. Her approach is based on intersectional feminism and queer theory, with a holistic reading. She has been introduced to mindfulness meditation during her own therapy and did a 8 week mindfulness training (MBSR) herself. This approach has helped her enormously and she now applies it in her work, during therapy sessions and workshops.

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Franziska is a curative educator, art therapist and mindfulness-based stress reduction (MBSR) trainer, who works broadly with children, adults, couples, families, groups and institutions. She has studied and practiced mindfulness and meditation for nearly 20 years. In her courses, coaching, and workshops, she mainly focuses on mindfulness, meditation and self-compassion. Her aim is to make a mindfulness practice accessible and applicable to people in their ordinary lives by exploring it in a research-based, authentic, creative and playful way. For Franziska, mindfulness truly is an inner attidute, not a self-optimising tool.

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Price scale: 70 - 80 € for 6 hours


Language: English. Possibly to clarify terms in German and French


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